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How do you work with many screen's across many android phones?
  • Searchign for one game engine i found game builder, but i want to know how he works with so many type os screens and resolutions, the engine work this fine or i will need to generate one game for resolution??

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  • Hi @Fabio,

    Multi-resolution projects are coming. In theory you will be able to start with a specific set aspect ratio for your game and have your game assets scale up based on the target resolution of the target device.  Currently GBs already allows you to have separate profiles within one project and this will be used to set different settings when compiling for different target devices and resolutions.

    The assets that you import will have a base size and you will be able to include different assets with different resolutions by adding a @x2, @x3 tag to the asset file name to tell the GBs compiler which asset to include for a larger resolution.

    Currently If you want to reposition objects based on the current screen size this can be done already but the multi-resolution assets portion is not possible through the editor yet. This could be done manually by altering underlying project code base but that would be for advance users.

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