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How to reuse entities across levels without duplication?
  • I'm curious as to how I can easily duplicate a level with all its entities so that I wouldn't have to rebuild them. How do you reuse entities, such as the main player entity or the UI parts for a new level? (without having to rebuild them all).
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  • Hi @Searlesama, you could select everything and copy it and paste it to the new level or you could clone similar objects like the main character so that it is always linked to the changes of the original object. So if you make changes to the source it trickles down to the clones in other levels.
  • Okay sounds good, which method (cloning or copying) works best for memory management?
  • @Searlesama there is no performance difference between the two. Cloning pretty much just links an object to its source so it can be synched up when the source changes.

    Any changes to the clone will not be applied to the source. Also if you remove a component from the cloned object that was originally on the source it will remain removed unless you click the revert to source button.
  • Hi everyone, hope all is well. I am newbie and I welcome all assistance. I am excited but very raw at this. Feel free to offer your services. LOL!!! Thanks in advance.

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  • @Jamain cheers! Welcome to the GameBuilder community. If you need any help post your question or suggestions here on the forums and I will try to respond as soon as possible

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