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Published Games with GBs
  • Hi,
    is anybody here who already published any game on the markets?
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  • I'am on my way,but maybe the next game soon.Now work on a game with haxe. 
  • I am trying to install but , free version not installed 
  • Hi,

    right now I am searching some Alpha and Beta Testers for my first game to be published on Android.

    Anyone interested ? It is my first game done with GameBuilderStudio.

    Please mail me at  info(at)

    Thanks folks,


  • @Marcel we would love to check out your game. Please send in a link!
  • Hi,

    after struggeling with  getting the alpha status (I could not add anyone to the alpha tester list)
    i pressed the "publish" button in the google dev console.

    Now you can find the first version (without sound and high score) here:

    We would apreciate all testers and every comment.

    Right now i am working on the random extras ans glue stuff.

    Does anyone knows a sound artist ? :)

    GBS rocks ! 

  • Hi @Marcel couple things I noticed. The game freezes after the ball drops to the ground. Did you create a Production build for testing? Did you notice any error when changing levels from the game back to the main screen the main screen seems to be frozen as well after playing the level? I would also set a background color to the main color of your game.
  • @Lavon: I had a production build for my tablet, and i could change from game screen to start screen without freezing. What i see now, is that the pause button disappears after pressing. The main screen freezes.

    The size of the production apk is around 16 MB, the production build directly put on my tablet had 35 MB ...
    something went wrong, i guess.

    Main color: i will do that. And check everything as well.

    I will post again after update.

  • The concept is nice. On my galaxy s5, it also freezes after the ball drops. There is no scaling so it was in the upper corner exposing the off screen sprites. When it showed the resume on pause, it was centered on my screen and outside of the game area.
  • @dvdking: many thanks for your information.
    I build a Game Over Screen for getting that fixed.
    The scaling gives me some headaches. I got a Galaxy S4 active today and can now reproduce the scaling issues.
    I guess that will take till weekend.

    I will come up with updates.

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