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One Button to toggle Background Music Off/On
  • To have one UI(user interface) button to turn off/on your background music

    Here is one way to do this.

    STEP 1)
    On the right editor panel at the top click Globals.
    In the Data/Properties Container, click Add.
    You will see a NewProperty bar added, you can name it something like: soundsPlaying and set it as an integer to 1. You are done here.

    STEP 2)
    Just outside your view area of your game add a generic object(the square) and remove the spatial by first adding a basic spatial to it,  select renderer, and then remove the default spatial from it(click the red X button).

    *You may already have done something like this and made it your Global Game State which has the logic for your game’s states in it such as GAME_STARTED, GAME_RUNNING, GAME_PAUSED, GAME_OVER.
    You can add the following sound control to this or not, or just set up a new generic object.

    Add a Background Sound Player and name it Music for example.
    Then select your music track and check Auto Start.

    Now Add a Rules Map component, name it something like MusicToggle or something you'll remember what it is.
    Check for
    select Property and enter
    #Globals.Data.soundsPlaying = 0

    Trigger Action:
    select Call Method and enter

    Otherwise Trigger Action:
    Call Method and enter

    STEP 3)
    On your button on the game screen that tells a player it has something to do with music or sound, like music notes, add a Rules Map component and name it something like Logic_TouchDown.
    Check for
    select Event Captured
    Touch is Down, and check 'On Entity’

    Trigger Action:
    select Change Property and enter
    #Globals.Data.soundsPlaying = Expression, enter this:    ( Globals.Data.soundsPlaying + 1) % 2

    That's it. You're done.

    *Note, a nice effect to add to the Logic_TouchDown Rules Component is to have a scale down effect when the button is touched.
    To do this add to the Trigger Action:
    another Change Property
    @Renderer.scale =Type Point x 0.9 y 0.9

    Otherwise Trigger Action:
    Change Property
    @Renderer.scale =Type Point x 1 y 1

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  • @BenFromOregon, this should be simplified now with the toggle property action.

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