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Is the Spine Plugin available in the FREE editon?
  • hi all! I've downloaded the beta for testing alongside Spine but it doesn't import Spine's skeletons. is it because it's the free edition? can a demo of the pro edition be downloaded?
    thank you
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  • Hi @onnevan the Spine plugin is only available in the PRO version. If you upgrade and do not like the Spine integration just submit a request and I will issue you a refund.
  • Thanks for replying, I just was wondering if there was a way to test the spine integration before buying the software, just like a regular demo. The Spine integration on GBS looks like one of the bests I've seen, just wanted to check it by myself.
    Excuse the silly question but, how can I upgrade? I haven't seen an upgrade menu item on GBS
    Thanks again!
  • @onnevan unfortunately there is no way to demo it before purchasing at this time, sorry. You upgrade by purchasing a PRO license from the pricing page. Just click the "Go Pro" button and checkout. Your license will automatically be upgraded, you just need to download the PRO version of the editor afterwards.

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