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How do I compile against the Admob plugin when coding via the advanced codebase layer?
  • When doing advanced development with GBS in adobe flex builder if you are using Android admob ads does it require that you import the admob.swc as a reference library?

    If so, is it possible to download the admob.swc?

    I'm trying to publish to a blackberry playbook. Although Blackberry is pretty much non-existent in the US. It is still thriving in foreign markets.

    Thank you,
    Carlton Payne
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  • @Carlton, the Admob plugin is only built for Android and iOS so it won't work with Blackberry. However you can reference the Admob.swc in your underlying code base project. There are three locations that have all the necessary libraries for you to compile your project in an external IDE like Flash Builder:

    1. The application storage folder which is /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application\ Support/GameBuilderStudio/Local\ Store/compiler/libs/supportinglibs on Macs and C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store\compiler\libs\supportinglibs on Windows.
    2. The plugins folder in the application install. (This is where the bundled PRO plugin libraries are located)
    3. The user plugins folder which can be found in the user's home directory. (This is only necessary if you have included any downloadable plugins from our site or custom plugins that you may have created).

    Once you link those folder locations as library directories in Flash Builder you will also need to include the following compiler flags for the flash compiler:

    -locale en_US --keep-as3-metadata+=TypeHint,EditorData,Embed,ResourceType -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -swf-version=25 -use-gpu=true -use-direct-blit=true -default-frame-rate 60 -default-size 800 680

    Change the swf version to match the currently targeted version of your settings in Flash Builder. GameBuilder Studio is currently targeting Flash Player 14.0 SWF Version 25 by default. We may expose these settings to allow you to specify an AIR SDK location and target version right from inside of GameBuilder Studio in the future.

    You will also need to link the resources folder of your GBs project as a source folder to your Flash Builder project so that Flash Builder can find the assets you have included in the GameBuilder Studio editor.

    If you are compiling to mobile you can reference any necessary ANEs from
    the ANE folder located on the same folder level as the supportinglibs

    This is a complex process that you will have to understand how to setup on your own because GBs handles all of these settings for you so there is no additional support provided for this type of development.

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