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Broken Project & Asset Load Issue
  • When I copied my project in order to make a back up and tried to open the backup at the alternative location. The project will open fine however I can't run it as when I do I get a blank white screen.

    Also I noticed that when importing large assets the application will crash.

    It would be helpful if the console displayed more technical information.

    Thank you,
    Carlton Payne 
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  • Also while using the save as... it doesn't copy over all of the assets, just the ones that were added during that session
  • Can't open any of my projects now. :/

    1 thing I learned so far.

    Always prepare all of your assets up front and do not change your mind.
  • @Carlton I will try to address one issue at a time. I have a few questions.

    When you copy your project do you copy the whole project folder?
    What size asset are you importing that causes a crash?
  • I copy from the root of the folder

    The size asset I believe may be the problem 2048 by 1536 jpeg 277kb

  • @Carlton If you copy the .gbx file from its project folder to a different folder on your machine without the resources folder and try to open it you will break your project.

    When you import an asset then save your project all assets are copied to the resources folder. This will be improved to allow you to specify where in your project folder you would like to place your assets even if it is in a nested structure. This allows for your project folder to be portable and self contained.

    Can you send over the large asset you used in a private message so that I can test on my end what the issue may be, because that size asset should not crash the editor. Also, you should be able to change your assets after importing as well.
  • Hey Lavon,

    I haven't tested this yet, but I believe this will fix the blank screen issue. Even though it was working fine initially

    as for the assets I'll send that over later today.

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