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Accelerometer emulation
  • Hi everyone
    Is there any way to simulate the motion of a device for testing the accelerometer without having to deploy the app?
    I'm working on a parallax effect controlled by the accelerometer, it's a fixed scene with a bit of depth effect, not a scrolling scene. I'm a bit lost now about how to make it, since I'm new to GBS, right now I have to deploy the app to my phone to test it
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  • @kikubu, unfortunately no. The device sends the accelerometer data so you have to test it on the actual device.
  • thanks Lavon. I'm working on a laptop, but since I have a Surface Pro, I could test it on it without having to deploy to my phone, it's an acceptable solution.
  • Also, I've noticed chrome has (don't know if other browsers have it too) accelerometer emulation, so I guess you could publish for web and mess with the emulator to check results.

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