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Game wont Play/Build when mp3 asset added
  • Hi

    Did a little starting screen for my game and I decided to add some sound later on. After I added the mp3 to the assets, the game won't build any more. Using v0.9.6 on Win7. Any Ideas?
    Edit: No errors, crashes or anything, there is just the building-bar and after that the game just does not start. After I delete the added mp3 asset, "Launch"-mode works normal again.
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  • Ok, after spending 3 hours on checking things like bitrate, khz, mono/stereo and so on, I found out that probably the name of the file was too long. It had more than 8 digits. After shorting it, it worked.

    I used assets with more than 8 digits from the start - so could that be a bug? Like later added files crash the game build if they have more than 8 digits?
  • @Cavaron, yes the wrong MP3 encoding can break the build process. Or if you have weird characters or spaces in your asset names.

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