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When game deployed to android phone, right side of game cut off buy onscreen buttons?
  • Anyone notice that when deploying a game to an android phone the right edge of the game is cut off by the onscreen buttons? So if everything in the games stage is centered in GBS, it won’t be on a phone.
    In the publish settings tab in GBS under platform, (android), setting the Target Device to small screen or normal screen does this along with Target Orientation as Landscape and having Full Screen checked.
    I am new to android devices, Maybe I am missing something here?
    Maybe we have to shift everything to the left a bit?
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  • When you are applying your centering are you centering by the width of the screen or by the fullgamescreen?(I think that's what is called). I'm doing mine by the width and it seems to be centered.

    I do however think that the screen size includes the onscreen buttons.
  • @Carlton  Looks like something like this works:  
    setPoint(Game.Screen.width / 2 , Self.BasicSpatial.position.y)

    Now the centering takes in account for the android onscreen buttons, thanks for the heads up!

    For anyone else, this is the key for centering an image on x-axis with landscape orientation game:
    Game.Screen.width / 2

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