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Compile error
  • I tried everything in the forum to fix the swf compile error and still no luck.
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  • @Jeremy, your post is not very helpful. Please send in the error message you received from the console by double clicking on the console to copy the text to the clipboard. (

    - Make sure to follow the installation instructions and install the java VM if you are on a mac.
    - Make sure there are no special characters in your asset file names or project filename.
  • Sorry, this is the error I get, just like everyone else, and no I'm not on mac, I'm on  Windows 7.
    No spaces in the file name, no weird characters.

    CompileGameCommand - CompileGame - FAILED - Compiling Game Process Failed, The generated swf can not be found.

  • @Jeremy a few questions

    Has the application built correctly before and shown in your flash player?

    what were the last changes you made before you tried to compile and run the game?


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