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Game freezes after set 2 Collide Types
  • Hi,

    the more time I spent with this tool, the more I like it. I think I will actually publish a Game in a few weeks (and buy the pro version of course)! Right now I'm facing a nasty game freeze after I set two Collide Types to an Entity (like collides with: Type A and B - both are labeled to other Entities and I choose no names with weird characters). Any Idea what's wrong?
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  • @Cavaron when does the game freeze on load or during a collision? 
  • @Cavaron, welcome to the GameBuilder community! I haven't heard about this error but I will look into the collision filtering logic to see if there is a but. Are you seeing this error when using the quick launch or the main launch game button?
  • Thanks for your answers. It seems to freeze the game if an Entity with two Collide Types spawns. I tested both the quick and main launch button, same result. It is in my actual project (slightly different spawn mechanism) and in your Hungry Hero tutorial which I reproduced closely. It happens in HH if I set the obstacle Collision Types to the Hero and the Food.
  • @Cavaron, yes I was able to reproduce this. Thanks for reporting! The fix will be in the new build of the next release v0.9.7.
  • I still seem to be getting this issue even with the new build :(

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