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Release Candidate 9.7 bugs
  • I found the following issues in 9.7 release candidate

    • When changing level and using force unload it just renders a blank screen when referencing the same level. i.e when doing a level reset like in the flappy bird demo
    • This is a little strange but I actually believe it is a fix, but including it if its not. I have a global speed set to an entity, before I started testing my movement speed was 10 and it would move across the screen at a decent pace. After I downloaded 9.7 my entity hardly moves at all. Increasing the entry move to 350 causes it to move around the same pace as before which matches all of my other entities that are not spawned but scrolling.
    As I continue to evaluate and test I will update this.

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  • @Carlton, ideally you don't want to reset your level using the force unload on a change level action because it clears everything. It would be a better idea to have a global reset game state on a state machine that resets values, etc. However force unload seems to be working fine. Can you send in the project that is not working for you via the contact page?

    Yes the Move action has been fixed to use the linearVelocity to move an object which is a multiplier. So it requires a higher value. This is in the release notes but they haven't been posted yet until actual release.

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