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Publishing / Deploy to IOS not working
  • I've been trying to deploy to my IOS device, but its not working.

    I went through the adobe setup guide and got everything in place, bought the apple developer license

    In GBS when I go to deploy the project I go by the same setup as the last tutorial for hungry hero, however I only have one Icon that i'm using.

    GBS will start, com.adobe.air.ADT will open up but it will just hang there. I went away for 30 minutes came back and still hanging.

    When I force close it, GBS says that the process was complete, but there is nothing there.

    This happens for deploying to IOS as well as publishing to IOS

    What am I doing wrong?

    using the x10 processing checkbox I received the following error duplicate symbol traits:sc.cuc.platform.admob::AdmobFunNames in: ADTBuildOutput -0000000000 7.c

    2 duplicate symbols for architecture armv7 compilation failed while executing :1d64

    update 2
    using the x10 processing checkbox and after remove admob from my project it worked fine on IOS.
    Not sure if this is an admob plugin issue or its a processing issue. However norma processing for IOS either takes incredibly long or its broken. 

    Can admob only be used for android?


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  • @Carlton correct. The fast packer is still being tested so it may fail with some plugins. If using the Admob plugin you will need to uncheck the use faster packager for now. 

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