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Playing a nested MovieClip
  • I have an animation within a parent SWF that I've imported. Double clicking the SWF in the asset manager opens up a preview of the frame with the nested movieclip where it plays fine. I have the frame change to the frame with the nested movieclip at runtime with a keyboard key but the movieclip doesn't play. Any ideas?
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  • @andrewisalegend playing nested movie clips is not supported in GBs as it has been used in traditional flash games because it is slow. GBs uses a GPU framework to render assets to the screen so any movieclip with multiple frames when imported is converted to a swf sprite sheet and every frame is drawn to separate images and rendered one at a time by changing the spriteIndex property on the SWF SpriteSheet Renderer.

    So if you want to play the frames of the swf you will need to setup an Animation Controller on the entity that is created by dragging the swf asset into the scene and setup the animations on the Animation Controller. This has been done in the Hungry Hero tutorial series if you are not familiar with how to do this.
  • No worries, didn't think it would be. Thanks for reply

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