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Is there a maximum allowed Image size limitation?
  • I have noticed that past certain resolution, the exported app displays only a white screen. It happened to me using a resolution of 2048 x 1535. Is there a limitation on resolution?

    It happened also using high resolution bitmaps. they don't show in-game.

    Also when using more than one layers I get the same result, a white empty screen. Can somebody else confirm these observations?
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  • @kikubu sorry I understand what you are asking now. Yes there is a limitation on a lot of graphics cards that restricts textures to be no larger than 2048 in width or height. So if you want to use a larger size you will need to change the graphics card render profile to support the "Extended Profile" which is for devices like the high resolution (Retina) iPads but can prevent some lower end devices from rendering your game. So if you can try to break up your assets to be smaller than 2048. 


    If you are only targeting hi-res high power devices then there is no need to worry about being compatible with lower end devices.
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  • Hi @Kikubu I noticed this if I did not have my game background images size as a power of 2, for example my images were 1024X1024, or they could be 2048X2048.
    but I was using them as scrolling background sprites so not sure if that applies to you or not.
  • @kikubu please elaborate. Can you provide a screen shot also if possible? 

    I'm thinking you are talking about the stage size being cut off on a larger screen resolution, is that what you mean?
  • Oh, I see. I didn't know about that, thanks again. I will try as soon as I get home although I'm pretty sure my graphics while big aren't bigger than 2048 width or height.

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