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How to display multiple lines of text?
  • That's maybe a silly question, but I seem not to get it... So, what's the best way to implement much text like in an ingame manual or in a text adventure? Is there a way to set returns in text objects, or do I have to do an object per line (I see no other way right now, maybe I have a selective blackout here)? Most ideally the text would float in the boarders of its spatial properties - can that be done?

    Or would you just implement the text as an image (wouldn't make much sense regarding the size of the game).
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  • Uhm... just found the checkbox "Word Wrap" so... never mind... doh...

    But would be nice if I could edit the text in the screen view and not in the really small text-line in the renderer properties. And beeing able to set returns would be great too.
  • have you tried /n or /r/n ?
  • @Carlton: Thanks for you reply. You mean like /n or /r/n directly put into the text between the words? This will just display /n as text.
  • @Cavaron, nevermind I just tested this out and it doens't work
  • @Cavaron, your suggestion is noted. This will be considered. We may just make the text input box larger as an immediate adjustment.

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