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Big request: Level cloner WITH updated names
  • Hi all, as you may know from my other posts, I try to do a sidescroller with several levels based on the HungryHero tutorial, but with shooting planes and stuff. I'm facing a major inconvenience now, as I want to use one level as a base for the next one. Right now I have to copy all the entities/logics from one level to another. Since entities in one project have to have a unique name, I have to change their names for every level I want to use them in. Thats ok if their logic points only to themselves, but for any reference or properties-based logic outside of them, like with the StateMachines for each level, I have to rename the pointers inside of the logics. I'm at a point where it takes more than an hour to do so for any new level, bugfixing not included (I tend to forget to adjust something here and there).

    So my approach on this inconvenience would be a level-cloner, which not only renames the entities, but also all the pointer-names in the logic of the cloned level. Is that even possible? Is there another way to achieve something like this? Did I miss something?
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  • @Cavaron here is what will likely be implemented. You may be be able to just use same named objects as long as they are on different levels. I will try to see if that can be put in for the next version. 

    We will also consider what it will take to implement a duplicate level feature before v1.0 because there is a lot already on the road map in the next couple months. I will keep you posted on this thread.
  • @Lavon thanks, using same named objects on different levels would work great in my case!

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