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Web Social Games with GameBuilderStudio
  • Hi Lavon,

    I bought GameBuilderStudio winter this year, made all tutorials (Hungry Hero, Flappy Bird) and I liked this program. The fact is that you can now think of what to do, not how to do it.

    Now I have completed all my projects which are fully made with Actionscipt 3.0 and I wish to make next game in production using GameBuilderStudio, but I have some questions. Is it possible make web social games using GameBuilderStudio? The project was divided into a multiple SWF files that are loaded and initialized each in its time. Also during the game I will need to download some assets from my game server or cdn. My game need communicate with server using GET and POST requests, and in more complex games connect using Socket. It also need serialize and deserialize xml, json or protobuf objects. And for the web I need different version of flash player which is more common not always the latest version.

    For example, the game consists of different modules: 

    1. loader.swf - module is very small, main task to load all necessary modules and display loading for user and also it'll be a container for all other modules in the game.
    2. socialAPI.swf - api for working with social networks
    3. tutorial.swf - game tutorial, it explains step by step game rules for user.
    4. screens.swf - contains all game screens and UI elements
    5. game.swf - main gameplay, for example logic for match3 games

    The Game can have much more modules.

    This method allows if necessary edit not the whole game at once but each module separately. For example: replace the picture in loader.swf or modify the code to work with social networks in socialAPI.swf. Also during initial loading the user will see tutorial.swf and then this module will not be loaded because the user has read the rules and it's no longer necessary.

    If it is possible explain the best method for using GameBuilderStudio for social games like Cundy Crush Saga on facebook.
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  • @Vadim, GameBuilder Studio does not actually operate in modules. A module in GBs terms would be a separate level. If you are a programmer there is nothing you CAN'T do with GameBuilder Studio because you have access to both the custom code base layer (if you are a PRO user) and the underlying game engine is open-source. 

    With that said I will answer your points one at a time:

    1. To override the loading functionality of GBs you just have to override a class method in your root game class and startup the game on your own. I covered this topic before here:
    2. You can build an online game using GBs but the APIs to communicate with Facebook for example have not been integrated yet. That is coming.
    3. To create a step by step tutorial users have used a separate level in their game and created a state machine to manage the flow of the steps. Each step should be a different state in your state machine. You can load this level as your first level when the game starts up.
    4. There is a way to push and overlay screens on top of the main game screen instead of changing levels using the underlying game engines' ScreenManager. Or you could just put your UI elements on a separate scene layer in GBs.
    5. In GBs a module would be considered a separate level which can be loaded and unloaded. However there can only be one level loaded at a time.
    I hope this answers your question. I can give you a more detailed walkthrough of any of those particular areas talked about above when you are ready to actually implement it.
  • @Vadim this is a very loaded question so give me some time to get back to you with the correct answer. I want to answer this carefully and let you know the options. It is always a hectic time right after a release so bare with me please.
  • @Vadim

    1. Correct.
    2. You could try changing the fileName property on a Sprite Renderer to a image url. There is currently no builtin action for this to handle responding on image load etc. but you could give this a try. If you wanted to do it using code you could simply call PBE.resourceManager.load("IMAGE URL", ImageResource) then you would assign the image resource handle to a renderer.
    3. Have you tried the URL Loader action? Just pass a url string and check the global action data property when the onLoad action is triggered for the returned data from the server. Currently text and JSON objects are supported.
    4. You can use any minimum version if you are compiling using FlashBuilder or FlashDevelop. Currently the minimum version can't be changed through the editor but It will be added for the next release.
  • Thanks, waiting for a reply
  • @Lavon, Thanks for the reply, but I still have some questions

    1. Do I understand correctly, the result will be only one .swf file?

    2. How to implement remote loading assets with GameBuilder Studio?

    3. How about communicate with server (GET, POST, Socket), could you please show an example?

    4. What is the minimum version of flash player I need to use that my game worked correctly, if I exports the project and compile it in FlashBuilder or FlashDevelop?

    Maybe you have an example of some web social game made with GameBuilder Studio, write a link please

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