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  • 1. collision outlines from other levels show on selected level.

    2. destroying a spawned object only works after deleting the actual destroy command.
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  • @Carlton can you elaborate on the second bug?
  • @Lavon,

    My Scenario. Created a new level with gravity Y set at 600

    Created a circle spatial with 
    Created a spawn, so whenever I click the mouse anywhere the circle will spawn and fall
    Created a rule when the circle position is greater than 400 destroy. 

    Full compile, tried it and it still shows past 400
    removed the rule for destroy
    Full compile, tried it and the ball disappears at 400

    Also when spawning and using random location it will generate multiple spawns instead of just one, while spawning and using a set position will only generate 1.

  • @Carlton are you using a timer on that object being spawned? We just fixed a bug relating to this that was throwing an error and causing weird behavior.
  • no there wasn't a timer associated with this, only an onclick mouse down condition

  • @Carlton mind sending in that project zipped up via dropbox or something so I can take a look? That scenario sounds really weird.

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