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How do I make a count down timer?
  • Hey All,

    I'm trying to make a count down timer and I can't figure out how to call a method

    How would I go about creating method?
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  • @Carlton what do you mean by call a method?

    If you want to create a count down timer you can just use a Timer action that triggers every second.

    So you can have a Rules component that checks the value of a property on the entity called "remainingTime" to see if it is greater than 0. 

    Add a Timer that triggers every second and have it decrease the "remainingTime" property by one.
  • @Lavon,

    So since I'm trying to display the count down time.

    I need two timers set for every second
    one that would decrease the property and one that would update the rendered text?

    or would I have a timing component that would call a rules component that checks if the' remainingTime' is greater than 0. If it is I would update the rendered text?

    Thank you
  • @Carlton No you can use a Group action and put the decrement action and the update renderer text action under the same timer. 

    Have you seen the Group action? It allows you to trigger a bunch of actions in sequence when their is only one slot.

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