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How to use FullScreenScale property
  • @Lavon, How would I go about using the fullscreenscale property in GBS?
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  • @Carlton the fullScreenScale property is the difference of the original game screen size set in GBs and the current full screen size of the device the game is running on. So this is mainly used for mobile devices. If you have your base screen set at the iPhone resolution and then run your game on an iPad the number should be around 2. Which means you need to scale up your assets by 2. This can also be used to determine how much you need to scale down your assets. If you are scaling up your assets this property works best when using a Vector based image like the SWF Renderer because vectors scale without loosing quality. 

    When we add multi resolution support this property will be used to help GBs determine which scale to load assets at but it will be rounded to the nearest whole number either, 1x, 2x, or 3x.

  • Is it possible to use it now, and if so can you give an example like boxspatial.scale=fullscreenscale?

    Thank you
  • @Carlton yea you would add it to the scale of a renderer because spatials don't control scale. So you would use a set property action to set the scale property on the renderer (i.e. @Renderer.scale ) and use an expression like:

    setPoint( Self.Renderer.scale.x + (Self.Renderer.scale.x * Game.Screen.fullScreenScale) , Self.Renderer.scale.y + (Self.Renderer.scale.y * Game.Screen.fullScreenScale));

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