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Resizing spawned entities
  • How would one go about resizing spawned entities at runtime?  I have set up expressions on the template to resize the entity based on the size of the screen.  The expression works well on non spawned objects, but alas, not on ones that need to be spawned.  If anyone has suggestions or examples, I would appreciate it.
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  • @test it may be a case of needing to run a full launch instead of a quick launch. Quick launch is just for viewing quick property changes where it just relaunches the last compile and loads the new properties. A full launch will recompile the game and pick up all settings changes and edits. It takes a little longer.
  • @Lavon Thanks that did the trick.
  • @lavon Is there a way to swap out a sprite sheet assigned to a renderer in runtime?
  • @test yes. In most cases there is a spriteSheet property on the Sprite Sheet Renderer and you just need to use a change property action and point to a Sprite Sheet component ( i.e. @SpriteSheet2 )

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