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Great tool for scaling assets (iPad)
  • If you ever find yourself saying, "I wish I had created all my assets(art, sprites) bigger origianlly so I can scale down rather than up" as you've most likely noticed scaling an image up too much results with it's quality going down and does not look so good.   There is an iPad app called Inkpad, check it out HERE
    Works amazing! You can scale up anything as far as I can tell and the quality is retained.
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  • Great thank you for this Ben! Useful so much!
  • @Xman You're welcome,
    Another VERY useful tool($6) that works great with InkPad and dropbox and even works with photoshop files if need be is an iOS app called Procreate which I've been using for a year or so now. Procreate is worth WAY more than $6 for the time is saves you drawing/editing/etc. Very nice.
  • It's called a Vector editor app, just like illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape or even Flash, graphics are defined by functions and properties, not pixels. Yo can use vectors in GBS and they are rasterized at runtime I think, so there you got multiresolution on your graphics.
    Sorry if I got something wrong, Lavon
  • @kikubu correct you can achieve multi-resolution support by using vector swf graphics and just scaling up or down. You can also import swf animations and GBs will rasterize each frame of the animation and use it like a sprite sheet. This does use more memory than a static sprite sheet however. But if your game is simple this is a very good approach.

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