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Added a Admob action, nothing happens
  • Hi,

    I went trough the whole setup for using Admob Ads within my game.
    I added the action, with the correct ad and app keys and all that stuff.
    I have a info screen within my game and trigger the admob action there
    and set up a rules map with "Event Captured" Level on Level Loaded.

    Published and deployed to my device.
    Nothing happens. No ad displayed.

    I tried banner and interstitals, but all same result:
    No ad shown.

    What am i doing wrong ?
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  • Oh boy, i just missed to add " before and after the ad and app keys :)

    Sorry folks

  • @Marcel did you get the ads to show up then? If not, I just went through this process myself if you have any questions.
  • @BenFromOregon: Yes after i added the " before and after the app and ad keys,
    the ads showed up in the deployed version.

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