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Sprite sheet Asset persisting in editor even after removal.
  • Hi all,
    I tried to import a sprite sheet and it worked great but after i edited my sprite sheet and it didn't update in GBS i removed it from GBS and tried to reimport again but then i get this error: WARNING: registerLocalResource - A resource from file hero.png has already been registered .
    How do i unregister it and what have i done wrong?

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  • @Isak, try to rename your edited sprite sheet. So far from my experience when you add a file to GBS you can delete the old one from your assets but it will still remain in the folder resources which causes an issue when trying to import an asset with a name that already existed.
  • @Cartlon i am sure thats how it is, but i removed the asset from the folder resources too. And i think it should work after that but sadly not guess I'm just have to rename=)
  • @Isak this sounds like a bug if you removed the asset and it is saying it wasn't removed. Please send you project in its current state so we can reproduce the bug and also put in a fix.

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