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Is There A Published Roadmap?
  • Is there a roadmap here somewhere? I really like GBS but i want to know if it will come an update to create an universal game with different size assets?

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  • @Isak currently you can make universal games by publishing for both iPhone & iPad and using vector bitmaps (which rasterizes vectors at runtime) or using larger assets and scaling down. In the next release (v0.9.8) Multi-resolution support will be added so that you can load the appropriate resolutions depending on the device the game is running on. This is top priority on the roadmap right now.
  • @Lavon that sounds wonderful, do you know when this update will arrive? I would prefer to make an game with both ipad and iphone.

  • @Isak you can make a game currently for both iPad and iPhone its just the multi-resolution support that is not there yet. So you would just have to use IPad size graphics and scale down for iPhone currently, No exact ETA yet on the multi-resolution support sorry.

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