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How do you spawn coins in order or in a custom pattern?
  • I need some help. I want to spawn coins in order. Now i spawn coins randomly every 0.3 seconds all over the screen. Its any way in GBs to spawn coins in order. Maybe to spawn in letter M or make a words with coins?

    Thank you for any advice
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  • Sure, there are several ways to do so. If you plan to do it often with different letters/patterns - I probably would place some invisible (renderer alpha=0) "spawn-point-objects" on screen. Think of it as an LED-letter-display like this:
    Ad some logic to activate them on any kind of action you like (time, player position, highscore...). You probably want to do some excel-sheet with their names to see which one to activate depending on what you want to "write" with them.

    As an activation logic, I would do a DataContainer in a global object with as many variables as there are spawners (like A1=0, A2=0...). The objects need a rule to spawn a coin if their variable is set to 1, after they spawned the coin, the same rule can set it back to 0.
    This way you can make patterns/letters appear by just changig the needed variables to 1 (like A1=1, B2=1, C3=1...).

    If you don't plan on do it often, you could just use the needed x/y-cordinates for as many coins as the letter needs in the spawn logic.
    Or you could "write" the letter with the coin-objects in the builder off screen and move them on screen when needed with a rule.

    But maybe someone has a better idea.
  • Great thank you Cavaron for ideas and suggestions, of course will give a try! Master Lavon any idea from you maybe? :)
  • @Xman Cavaron has a good idea if you want to spawn coins in the shape of a letter.

    Make sure to create a base entity called DefaultCoin (or whatever) and clone all other coins from that base entity if placing multiple coins manually in-editor so that any changes to the base coin can be propagated down to all clones. This will save you time if you have a lot of coins and don't want to do duplicate work in-editor.
  • @Xman this may become easier when we add paths to GBs then you could get a list of points from the path and loop through them and spawn an entity at each point's position.

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