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is Spine IK available at runtime?
  • Hi, I wanted to know if you can manipulate Spine bones at runtime, keeping Inverse Kinematics, and if so, how can it be done. Maybe IK are for posing only inside Spine, I'm not sure but it'd be so cool if you could manipulate it at runtime
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  • @kikubu this sounds like a question to ask Nate over on the Spine forums. If he has added support for IK movement of bones in the AS3 runtime then that is doable in GameBuilder Studio. Because you can constrain the position of bones dynamically now in GBs using the new Spine Bone Constraint action.
  • Ok, I'll ask him then and then will post here his answer.
  • Hi again, Lavon. Nate say Yes, you can manipulate the IK chain at runtime, it's implemented in the AS3 runtimes, would you do that?? that's great for a game, you can do thigs like ragdolls games and cool stuff.
    I don't see how you can access an Inverse Kinematics goal object, Spine uses the goal pointer to manipulate an entire IK chain, but how can you do the same in GBS???
  • @kikubu it should just work when you move a bone. An IK chain moves other bones in the chain when the root of the IK chain is moved. Try using a Spine Bone Constraint action and move one of the bones in the IK chain on mouse down.

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