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Thank you
  • As a windows developer, thank you.  I have worked with GameSalad for a year now as a pro member.  The windows version still is around 2 versions behind the Mac.  It exposed the code in the final file (apk etc).  The mac version has finally been fixed, but as a Windows user I feel like a second class citizen.

    With GameBuilder Studio, I feel right at home.  I know we still have some issues, but they seem to be addressed in a timely fashion, and there are workarounds.  Its hard to workaround exposed code.  You also have many features that are not found on that platform (OUYA, joysticks, etc.)  

    So again, thank you.

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  • @dvdking thanks for the kind words! The best thanks you can give us is becoming an evangelist for the platform spreading the word and being an active member on the forums. Cheers! :)

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