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  • @Lavon I am also getting the same error when trying to validate the license key.
    I am using GBS 0.9, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel i7 laptop, AIR, Flash Player
    Have over 100 GB HD free, 8GB RAM

    I do also have Flash Builder 4.7 installed.

    Is there a fix for this yet?
  • Hi @dzo,

    GBS needs to connect to port 31338 to verify your license. Do you have a firewall in place?
  • Once again having problems opening the builder, it still says "ERROR-GBS has experieced an error trying to connect to the licence server" I have re-installed it twice and still ends in the same error. also I have dropped my firewall to open it & have connected to port 31338....not sure if I have done something wrong or not, maybe a walk through might help.
  • Hi @ttony,

    There is an installation walkthrough for the mac here (

    What OS are you running it on? Also is it possible for you to attach a screenshot?
  • Hi Lavon thanks, im running XP sp3 32bit for now but will be going to Win8 again soon. image
  • @ttony have you tried taking the same machine onto a different network and trying to connect? Trying a process of elimination. It is really hard to diagnose connection issues on your machine remotely.
  • @Lavon I have tryed everything I can think of & still getting the same results, I think XP is haveing problems connecting with the server so I might have to wait until I'm running another winOS.
  • @ttony I will generate a new debug build for you this coming week that will help diagnose the server response and see if we can get a better handle on whats going wrong. Bare with me...
  • Not a problem Lavon i'm still busy updating my apps & website, but I will keep a looking here :)

  • just like to say I am having the same problem but on windows 8 and really cant find a way to fix it. any1 help?
  • @lukethegamer & @ttony, have you guys tried the new version 0.8 of GBS to see if it fixed your problem? It has been re-packaged with a newer version of Adobe AIR which may have some bug fixes.
  • I have the same error.
    I think it comes from the fact my internet provider has closed port 31338.

    Is there any way to work around this?
    I'm anxious to discover GBS, but so far it has only given me frustration :(
  • @Koen Sorry for the frustration. The new versions of GBS connects to the license server via port 8080 now. Do you not have access to this port either? What operating system are you running on?

    For a faster response next time its always better to submit an issue using the feedback tab on the side of the main website.

  • @ Lavon I have installed 0.8 & I am still getting a license key activation error saying
     "ERROR-GBS has experienced an error trying to connect to the license server! [null]"
    Im still running running XP sp3 32bit & have updated Adobe AIR.
  • @ttony thanks for letting me know. These types of issue are really difficult to diagnose because it could be a configuration or port issue on your network. We are about to release version 0.9 with a few tweaks. The "[null]" in the error message is not very descriptive :). If the new version doesn't work I will arrange to send you a debug build and I will need you to download a remote debugger for me to capture some runtime errors. Would you be open to doing a screen share over skype to do this if v0.9 doesn't work for you? It would help me to diagnose this issue better.
  • @Darryl this error has come down to simply a network setup issue. If you are behind a proxy or behind a firewall that does not allow secure socket connections to on port 8080 then you can not connect to the GameBuilder licensing server unfortunately.
  • @Lavon, Connected via my cell phone and it worked. Was able to validate. Thanks for your support.
  • I get the same error. I am using windows xp sp3 and already turned off the firewall. GBS Installer version is 9.3. Thanks in advance.
  • Ok, i have a question . If someday the validate site down,how to start software?
  • Hi, I just downloaded the software and got the same problem. So how to fix this? Thanks!
  • Hi, I had the same GBS "error connecting to server". I used the internet off my cell/mobile and the registration was successful.
  • Hi Sugan, you connect your laptop to your mobile? tethering in android?
  • I am having the same problem.
    I have tried opening ports through firewall and still no joy.
    I am running WIN7.
    Already having doubts about this software considering how long this problem appears to have been going on.
  • @Lawrence This is not an issue of the software but rather your network configuration. GBs needs to make a secure ssl connection to a remote port. Some networks block this behavior. Normally corporate secure networks or certain firewall software. We may change the way we verify licenses in the future but for now this is how it works.
  • Hi

    Disabled Windows firewall. Disabled AVG free anti virus. Still not not working.. any new suggestions?
  • @Roomys Sorry, there is currently no other suggestion beside trying another
    network. We will be changing the way we authenticate licenses in the
    future so that this problem doesn't arise.
  • Hi everyone, we have changed the way we authenticate licenses. Is anyone here that has had this problem connecting to our servers willing to test out the new build for us on your network? (cc: @Roomys, @Lawrence, @Arwin, @Sugan ...)
  • Still having the same problem here. I even explicitly allowed SSH connections on my router. No luck.
  • @Bryan The new versions of GBs now just communicate over standard TCP port 80. Make sure to add an exception for GBs to communicate with the internet through any firewalls you have enabled.

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