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Can I restrict IOS Distribution to only IPAD?
  • How can you submit an IOS application for just IPhone or just IPad. Going through the process it seems that there aren't any clear ways to do this.


    I have a game I created that I want to run only on IPad 1 and iPad 2, but I don't want it to run on the newer retina devices until I am able to scale them correctly.

    Can this be done, or should there be a way in GBs where I can select which type of devices this build is for like iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, etc.

    Thank you,
    Carlton Payne
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  • @Carlton you can only differentiate between either an iPad or iPhone build and you can set your game to only run in standard resolution even on hi-res retina devices by changing Target Resolution to "Standard Resolution" in the Publish Settings for iOS
  • @Lavon , Thanks that makes sense. I'm just trying to get this game out there and then once scaling is implemented update it.

    Which leads to a question, when scaling to different screen sizes(resolutions) is implemented will that also include the shape spatials that you can create natively inside GBs?
  • @Carlton what multi-resolution support does is remove the blurriness that occurs when displaying standard size graphics on a higher res display. You will have a couple options but the scaling mode will just upload a higher resolution texture to the GPU and report the same original dimensions set in standard resolution. So if your image is 100x100 in standard resolution it will still be reported as 100x100 on a hi-resolution device. Hope this makes sense.

    You will be able to manage the sizes manually as well if you choose to.

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