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Fixing Installation On OS X 10.7 Lion For v0.4
  • To solve this issue before the next update you will need to install the java runtime from here ( because OS X Lion doesn't come with a default java runtime you will need to enter a few commands into your system terminal window. OS

    1. First install the java package you downloaded then type in: which java
    It should give you a file path to the currently installed java runtime.

    2. Open the location that you installed GBS to. 
    3. Right click on the icon and click "Show Package Contents" 
    4. Drill down to the following folder compiler -> Mac -> bin 
    5. Open up the terminal window again and type in: cd 
    6. Drag and drop the bin folder from the finder window of the GBS installation location onto the terminal window where you just typed cd. (Make sure to leave a space between cd and the folder path) and Hit enter. 
    7. Now type in: ln -s [copy the path that was outputted from step 1 and remove the word "java" from the end] java_jdk

    You should now see a folder in the bin folder of the GameBuilder Studio installation called java_jdk. This is a symbolic link to the location of your java installation. Run GameBuilder Studio again and it should load.