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Soft body dynamics
  • I guess this is over the top, but dreaming is free, isn't it??
    Could soft body physics be implemented into GBS? I'm thinking about maybe use Spine meshes to attach a grid dummy object (for defining resolution of collisions and deformations) and use materials for defining behaviour (jello, flesh, water)

    I know this would be a huge task, but as great as it is, it would set GBS on a class apart too
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  • Stupid idea maybe? :P
  • @kikubu no not stupid at all this is already doable with the built in physics engine (Nape) via code but it won't be integrated into GBs anytime soon. We just have many other higher priority items at the moment.
  • Ok, not needed at all, just thought it would be cool, but you're right, there's a many important things to do first

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