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Need help creating a side scrolling platformer
  • Hey everyone I am trying to make a side scrolling platformer game, but dont know how to make a sprite sheet,Do I need a side view or what? I have my characters idea but don't know where to start.

    Thank you

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  • Hi @Mitchell, creating a side scrolling platformer style game is very simple. You will need to have a repeating background image and attach it to a Repeating Renderer in GBS for your scrolling background. (**Note: make sure the size of your image is a power of two both width and height. i.e. 256x256, 512x512, etc...)

    For your character you will need to draw each frame of your character's animation in a side view and export each frame from whatever drawing program you use. Ideally you will want to pack each frame into a sprite sheet using a free program like Texture Packer. Have you seen "How To Control Animations With Game States" in the tutorials section? That tutorial will show you how to import the sprite sheet of your character and animate the frames.
  • @Lavon Thanks buddy I'm working on it now. For my ground does that need to be repeating to?
  • @Lavon Thanks buddy I'm working on it now. For my ground does that need to be repeating to?
  • @Mitchell your ground can be a single image or a repeating image. Look at the "Platformer" example project that comes with GBS to get an idea of how the floor is implemented. You can just add an image in the background and then have another transparent image ontop that has a collision box on it to stop the player from continuously falling.

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