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Gallery of Games made with Gamebuilder Studio
  • Is there a gallery of games made with Gamebuilder Studio? I've only been able to find a single game someone has posted on the forums, particularly the android build of it (what I am most interested in are mobile games made with GBs).

    The software looks very promising, but the lack of testable games made with it is putting me off from spending $100/$200 on something that may or may not work the way I expect it to.

    If anyone can direct me to some stuff made with this software that is testable on a real device, I would really appreciate it. As a suggestion, having a part of the main website dedicated to a gallery of games made with GBs will surely help conversions, as is my case.
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  • Yes we are working on some small games to showcase GBs. Once we are feature complete for v1.0. There is a sample iPad game with source released on our github page if you would like to test a GBs game on your own device locally. This does require you to be a PRO user however. If you upgrade to PRO and our tool is not useful to you then we will issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase granted you don't release a game publicly.
  • That's great to hear, Lavon.

    One thing that really draws me to your software is that the staff seem to be personally involved in the community, which is always great. I wish you guys the best with v1.0.Going to follow the tutorials you guys have put out and see how the software is.
  • @c__slinger yes we want to see our users be successful using the tool. There are many plans in the works for tutorials and learning resources to come, we just need to get the tool to a feature complete v1.0 which is very close. Its a grass roots community of passionate game makers that are learning and being helpful as well so if you have questions or run into issue using GBs submit it here on the forums or write in directly via the contact page and someone will try to help.
  • Hey Lavon,

    I just upgraded to the Pro version today and I have to say that I'm disappointed in the amount of content available.  I really thought there would be many game demos in there.  I would like to request a refund.

  • Hi Tim, I´m using GBStudio and very happy with it! its a great tool with a great price and has one of the bests Spine integrations out there. Don't be throw back for the lack of demos, It is well documented and the support is one of the bests I've ever had on ANYTHING.
  • @TimRec What content were you looking for that is not there? Maybe we can produce it for you to help you get started. Have you seen the 15 video series on creating an iPad game with GameBuilder Studio? (

    Just so you know there is a lot of content coming this year. We have spent the last couple years creating a great tool with some really nice features and this year we will be focusing more on tutorial videos for PRO users and more game templates for various types of games.

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