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  • I have the main character move when a persons' touching down anywhere on the screen.
    I have added a button on another layer scene container to fire a weapon when touch is down on this button. The button fires the weapon However when the touch is down on this button, the main character moves which is not intended.
    The character needs to be able to move from a touch down anywhere on the screen and at the same time allow for a button to have touch down to fire a weapon(without affecting the position of the character.)
    Is this where the multi-touch is required?
    I was trying using a Rules component to check for a property when Game.Touch.TouchPoint2.isTouching = 1
    and check for when the Touch is Down on entity (the button)
    then Trigger the weapon firing action.

    When listening for an event of when the touch is down on the weapon button, how do we differentiate between this touch and the touch for anywhere on the screen to move the character?

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    When testing on a device I can have one touch point down which is moving the main character around and simultaneously tap the weapon button which the fires the weapon and the characters position is unaffected. This is great.
    The characters' position is only ill-affected when only one touch point is down As in if I only touch the weapon button the game reacts as if I were touching anywhere on the screen to position the main character.

    I guess this works :)
  • @BenFromOregon yea if you set something to fire anywhere on the screen it will trigger even if it is over another entity. That qualifies as anywhere. 

    If you want to eliminate the touch condition when its over another entity but trigger when its down anywhere else then try this. Create a property thats called "overWeapon" or something then toggle that property on whenever the player touches on the weapon entity. That way you can check on your character for both touch down anywhere and if that property is false in order to trigger the movement of the character. Does that make sense?
  • @Lavon Thank you, Yes this makes total sense.

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