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appilcation is doing too much
  • I get an error when I launch my app on numerous devices. I get a blank screen and then I get the unfortunately has stopped. When looking at the log the log I see "The application may be doing to much" throughout.
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  • @dvdking are you using the new release candidate? We are debugging/profiling a similar case now.
  • Yes I'm using build 951
  • @dvdking a new build is on the way.
  • How is this fix coming?
  • @dvdking try the new build 599. It staggers the creation of levels after loading resources. What device are you using to test on? Also there is now a new texture compression feature for you to try where you can set your images to use the Adobe ATF texture compression format which reduces the amount of memory used by your game at runtime and speeds up the upload times to the GPU. Set your images to use the "ATF - Block Compressed" setting. This can reduce the quality of your images so give it a try and see if your images don't loose to much quality. If you don't like the quality of the compression it is fine you can still optimize your images by using the "ATF - Wrapped" setting and it will not effect the quality of your images but your file size may slightly increase, which is the trade off. The settings for this can be found in the new Assets properties window when you click on an image asset in the Assets panel. There are two caveats:

    1. Your image has to be a power of two size in both height and width
    2. Currently jpg images are not supported, only pngs. This is being worked on for the release build that is coming next.

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