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Attach components with multiple entities
  • Almost all games use popups in which users are explained options and/or are given choices. Gamebuilder to me is very intuitive but I can't find a way to include entities at runtime. It seems they need to be already on the stage when a level is loaded.

    It would be nice to have a component including multiple entities which I could include at runtime. I will probably start coding them in today the old fasion way but I really would prefer to do this through gamebuilder because I love the workprocess a lot more....
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  • @Jelle I'm not understanding, why not create the entity in the editor and spawn it at runtime and populate whatever values you want it to have? 

    Are you saying you want to dynamically build an entity at runtime based on some conditions or something?
  • Thanks Lavon,

    I'm obviously new at GB / PBE , spawning is what I needed.
  • @Jelle ok totally fine. Glad you found what you needed.

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