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Collision Bounds off center
  • In 9.8 build 600

    I'm noticing when I turn on the collision boxes that almost all my box spatials that are resized are not actually in the correct position the helper tool says that they are.


    I create a box spatial the standard 100 by 100 (thanks for making the alpha to 1 now!) 
    I resize to 50 by 50
    I delete the old collision shape and create the new one using the magic selection
    I make sure that my resolution point is 25 by 25
    I run my game and it seems that the resolution point has remained at 25 by 0 making the top half of the square and above the collision area.

    I'm also noticing this with the circle spatial.


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  • @Carlton thanks for reporting this. The fix will be in the next build.

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