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How could multiple developers / team members work on the same game in GBs?
  • For what I've experienced and seen in the tutorials, making a game in GB Studio is a one man's task, and it has to be done linearly from begining to end. I was wandering, for a big project and if more than one developer are making a game, a modular or nodal system would be much more suitable. Are there any plans on implementing any kind of tool for allowing such a workflow?
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  • @kikubu I missed this question, sorry for the late reply. if you are creating a large game entirely inside of GBs with multiple team members then currently there are some limitations. You could have each person work on one level at a time as separate projects and then merge those projects into one final project when ready to compile a finished product by using the import feature. This does require a lot of coordination because you have to manually manage any object name conflicts and global property name conflicts while working in separate projects.

    However if you are working in a team where there is one person working in the visual editor and multiple devs working on the underlying game architecture you could use the generated code base layer to write custom game logic and check in and pull changes from a git repo just like standard game development. All GBs project files and generated code can be checked into a git repo and shared amongst a team. 

    If this is something your team is potentially facing as a concern I could set time aside to walk you guys through a solution based on your specific project needs.

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