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How do I compile exported GBs code in external IDE?
  • Hi
    I exported project in GBS free version and it get me a source by as3 files. When I want to test this source files with GameBuilderEngie, it don't work because some as3 classes not there are.Is there another version of GameBuilderEngie in commercial ? If there is, how can I get it? If there is not, what is advantage of Export Button in GBS? I want to learn Game making with GBS  in visual approach and with hand coding with GameBuilderEngine. Is this possible?

    And next matter : GBS has many tutorials .So are there any tutorial for GameBuilderEngine? How can I learn GameBuilderEngine?
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  • @Mahdi, The export feature currently exports all files and a default FlashBuilder project with the dependencies already linked. Which editor are you using?

    Here are the folder locations with the dependent libraries you need to compile against if you are compiling outside of GBs:

    User Plugins Folder - /Users/[CURRENT_USER]/Documents/GameBuilderStudio/plugins
    Application Bundled Libraries Folder  -/Applications/GameBuilderStudio/
    Engine Compiler Libraries Folder - /Users/[CURRENT_USER]/Library/Application Support/GameBuilderStudio/Local Store/compiler/libs/supportinglibs


    Users Plugins Folder - [CURRENT_USER]\[MY_DOCUMENTS_FOLDER]/GameBuilderStudio/plugins
    Engine Bundled Libraries Folder -  C:\Programs Folder\GameBuilderStudio\plugins
    Engine Compiler Libraries Folder - C:\Users\[CURRENT USER]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store\compiler\libs\supportinglibs

    Required default Adobe AIR compiler flags

    -locale en_US 
    -default-frame-rate 60 
    -default-size 960 640 
    -default-background-color #FFFFFF

    Also link the resources folder of your GBs project as a source path to your project in whatever IDE you are using to hand code.

    There are a couple of videos covering the basics of the engine GBs is built on. They are kind of old but the concepts remain.

    Engine Overview - 
    Engine Display List Architecture - 
    Creating a Basic Game Scene - 
    Setting Up Basic Sprite Sheet Animation - 

    I will create some more videos showing how to customize your game using the generated code base layer and the default GPU rendering that GBs uses now. All basic 2D rendering classes are mirrored in the GPU packaged just by adding G2D to the name of the renderer class. 

    This custom code base layer feature is a PRO only feature. All exported files in the bin folder are overridden if you are not a PRO user.
  • Thanks Lavon,
    Above videos List are very useful for me. So if I learn PushButten Engine , learn Game Builder Engine and so PushButten Engine is key of learning Game Builder Engine ... Thanks for your reply

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