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Remove a spatial which has a reference to creates error codes if your lucky
  • Hi Lavon,

    There is a bug when you have a second spatial in an entity and you remove this spatial:

    Steps to reproduce: Create a basic square, add a spriterenderer, add a basicspatial. set this basicspatial as a controlling spatial for a displayobject , remove the spatial.

    Problem: Either you get a lot of errors "Could not resolve component named 'TestSpatial' for property.. and things go wrong. Or worse: you get no error and some actions are not executed and you are left wondering why.

    Extra info: I've got a project file of 25 kb with this problem.. I opened the project-file with notepad++ and it reflects the problem I described (references to the removed spatial) again, just let me know if you need it.

    Version 0.9.8

    Kind regards Jelle
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  • @Jelle is this still happening in the latest build?
  • I dont know, I'm currently to busy to check it.

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