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Some feedback from me
  • Bugs:
    - If be in Assets preview and delete assets the app crash
    - If open a Invalid project file the app crash

    My offer:
    - Middle Mouse button move content faster in sidebar
    - A "Align Panel" for better positioning
    - Remove connecting to server over and over:
    When open GBS, App must be connect to your website, and do this work in every my action ... Maybe you are narking my personal data! If it is not, Remove this section of GBS or make it optional.
    - Text Fields with
    numerical value increase and decrease by up and down keys
    - In Select Component Panel, on show Event, the focus go to "Filter List" Text Field and when type text, work like Flash Builder in create class panel and help to complete my world
    In Select Component Panel, can move selected component by arrow keys and select this with Enter key ( Add Button must be latest chose for add a component !)

    - In Select Component Panel,added a component when double click on it

    I started GBS free yesterday and post other my feedback in this discussion.