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Crash conditional action and local storage action
  • Hi Lavon,

    There is a bug when I add a conditional action, it always crashes:

    Steps to reproduce: Create a conditional action's prerequisite and action

    Problem: nothing happens.. all other actions are also not executed.

    Extra info: This happens also everytime I add a local storage action. When I simply click on Launch it should probably save to a shared object? Should this action work? If so I can investigate my settings. I've got a project file with these problem. Let me know if you need it.

    Version 0.9.8

    Kind regards Jelle
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  • @Jelle Not sure I'm following you... Are you saying the app crashes just by adding a default condition and an action? 
  • No, when I add an action you guys called "conditional action" , this never works for me. It just stops all other actions from working. Similar to what I get when working with the action called "local storage"
  • @Lavon I'm experiencing the same issue, when adding an conditional action to an event that conditional action never works and at times it may cause sprites not to render or stop the game all together.
  • @Jelle ok got it, this will be fixed in the build coming out. cc: @Carlton
  • @Jelle when you use a local storage action are you putting a string value in the input field without quotes perhaps? This can cause the action not to work properly. I don't see any other case where the Local Storage action is not working as it should.
  • @Lavon thanks, putting qoutes on the storage location name fixed the problem and I'm looking forward to the new version with the fix for the conditional action.

  • @Jelle ok great, the conditional action fix is in the new build that is out build 607.

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