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Fonts and Multiresolution display
  • Some help @Lavon please about fonts and multiresolution display. I worked with glyph designer and i tried to export font in different sizes which I was successful. The problem is when i want to import files in Gbs. What files i must to import? Both .png and .fnt in all resolution? Thank you for any advice. 
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  • @Xman with the multi-resolution support the only files that need to be scaled up are the image assets. The way that the multi-resolution works is that it reports the original image sizes of the base resolution no matter what scale it has been scaled up to. That is how the engine is able to scale up your game without any modifications. If your base image size in the editor is 100w x 100h (pixels) then the 2x scaled version of that image on disk should be 200w x 200h (pixels). However when you run your game with multi-resolution turned on the 2x image is loaded from disk and reports its size as 100x100 instead of its actual size because the image sizes are divided by the current scale.

    So you only need to import the base resolution font image and font data file (.fnt) and then add all the supported resolutions for the font image file in the assets properties. 

    Now if you were handling scaling manually then you would need to include multiple resolutions for the font data file as well but this is not currently support in GBs because it is a lot more complicated of a process.
  • Ok i understand! :) Thank you for now.

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