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Building a Quiz Game?
  • How can you build a quiz game using different question types e.g multichoice, word match and so on.
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  • @Usman, Hey usman I've built a quiz like game with GBS before.

    In simple the components you re going to need are the following

    1 Random Number generator
    1 Data Container-where the random number will be stored
    4 List Data Containers,
    one for the question
    one for the answer
    two for incorrect answers(if you want 3 possible answers.

    separate random number generator with some logic to displace the answers overtime to a different position.

    You would take the Random Number generator and use this to reference the index of the list data container.

    Thats pretty much the core, Once you get that working the rest of it should click for you.

    You could apply the same logic and instead of using List Data Containers you could use sprite sheet indexes.

    So far that is the only way I've been able to build a Quiz like game.

    Hope this helps.

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