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Creating a signing certificate for releasing a game to Google Play
  • Hi, 

    I had been using the 'self sign check box' in GBS to generate a certificate during the entire testing of a game for generating the APK file. Now  I am attempting to create a certificate. On the Android dev site it says, "Android uses this certificate to identify the author of an app, and the certificate does not need to be signed by a certificate authority. "

    I used the keytool in terminal to create a keystone for signing an android app. When I am back in the GBS editor under the Publish window where I uncheck 'create certificate' and then browse for the Certificate File,  my certificate file: my_key.keystore is not allowed to be selected.

    Am I missing a step? Thanks!
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  • @BenFromOregon GBs requires the certificate to be a .p12 certificate. if you are not getting a signed certificate from an authority then use the "Self Sign" checkbox to sign your Android builds for release.

    Here is a link with the details on obtaining a certificate for Android from a signing authority and on how to generate the signing request for an iOS certificate
  • @Lavon All the authorities charge well over $200. Are you saying I can self sign if I can somehow make my keystore file a .p12 format?

    OR can I use the 'Create Certificate' check box that I was using for the testing for the Final Store production release also?

  • @Lavon What is interesting is I had uploaded a Production APK to the Google Dev Console which had the certificate that was generated by Game Builder Studio ( under Publish tab, Create Certificate? checked ) I was thinking I would not be allowed to upload a Production APK  with this GBS generated cert as I thought that was only for testing. Unless this will negatively affect the In-App purchase.   Strange. I found my app on the Google Play store. I will get to test in near future with a Droid device and see if IAP works.
  • @BenFromOregon It is recommended to get a certificate signed by an authority but yes if you are not getting an officially signed cert then using the self signed certificate from GBs is the equivalent of you creating your own. It can be used to publish to the Google App Store.
  • Interesting choices . . . .  Thank you for getting back to me @Lavon

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