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GameBuilder v0.9.8 build 647 for Windows making Norton crazy...
  • Hello, so while I know that Norton can be a little overzealous sometimes, I just wanted to let the developer know that it is viewing the v0.9.8 build 647 exe as a threat and auto removing it on my Windows machine. Detail pages it sent me to: this one and this other one

    I will try to use the Mac version next, but I just wanted to give a heads up.
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  • This pertains to the free version if that makes any difference.
  • @Geoffrey not exactly sure why Norton would flag our build. We did add third party texture conversion files in this latest release. Have you noticed this with any previous build?
  • Hi,
    I'm a complete NEW to all this.

    I installed the Windows free version about 2 days ago, installed fine with no questions asked.
    I purchased, downloaded from my account and installed the PRO 0.98 build-648_PRO version just now.

    Running Windows PRO 8.1, complained that the install 0.98 was untrusted and unknown publisher and refused to install.
    It had a show/read more and I followed it and got the windows to accept as trusted and over write current installation.

    However under control panel, it shows in PUBLISHER column UNKNOWN and SIZE is blank and on the Desktop Task Bar the icon which used to look fine is just a blank white box.

    Is their an incompatibility issue? How do I restore the ICON and how else can I make Windows trust this app, without question... BTW I remember seeing that it was being downloaded from the AMAZON cloud somewhere.

    NB: I have uninstalled and reinstalled but control panel hasn't changed.
    It opens/runs, but since I don't know how to use it yet, I don't know if it's broke in someway 

  • @ananse Hi sorry for the late reply. This is a known issue because we have only self signed out install files so the Windows OS shows us as an unknown publisher this will change in the future. For now as long as you download your install file from your GameBuilder Studio dashboard you should be fine. The app is not broken.
  • @Geoffrey, @ananse can you guys try the latest build which has been code signed to see if your still seeing these issues with Norton or windows?

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