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User Input Query
  • Hi All

      I am just wondering if it is possible for a user to enter their name for a game at the start or for a high score table . Is this some thing that Game Builder Studio can do? I guess if it is for a mobile device the idea would be to activate the on screen keyboard but what type of object could be used for the text entry ?


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  • @TimCS yes just use a Text Renderer and change its type to input. Turn off Auto Resize and give it a fixed width and height. When a user taps the input area on a device the device keyboard will open. Also make sure the font size is large enough to be seen on a device. A value of 8pt would of course be too small to touch on a device.
  • Hi Lavon

      Thanks for your reply I will try that out :).

    Also I have gone ahead and purchased GBS Pro now. However on downloading it from my dashboard and installing it. It is still giving me the same options on the publish section as the free version as is web only no Android or IOS etc.

     I have also then removed the installed folder from the Applications->Game Builder Studio and tried installing it again but I still get the free version options . At the moment I am re-downloading it again to see what happens but is there anything else I need to do ?

    Ignore my issue mentioned above about the GBS Pro not installing correctly , I have sent a request via the contact form about this.


  • @TimCS ok I've emailed you, it seems you created two accounts and purchased the PRO license from the second account. Whichever account you purchased the license with is the license key you need to use when installing GBs. To clear out the old license you will have to delete all of the GBs files under the storage location either located under:

    /Users/[CURRENT_USER]/Library/Preferences/GameBuilderStudio/ (for Mac)
    C:\Users\[CURRENT_USER]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store (for Windows)
  • HI Lavon

     Yes I got your email and I think I managed to locate the folder you have mentioned and removed it. Now I have the full PRO version :)



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